Our Mission at Who Am I ministries is to share the truth about our identity in Christ, teach those addicted to drugs and alcohol that God has a plan and purpose for their lives, and to show them how valuable they are in God’s sight.

Our Vision started in the streets of Granada, and today we envision a rural rehabilitation centre where those we serve who face brokenness, addictions, homelessness, and society’s rejection can have realistic hope through holistic-faith-based comprehensive care programs.

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A Ministry for

The Homeless, Destitute & Addicted

We have a deep calling from God to help men and women come out of their addictions and helplessness to a life full of hope and true identity in Jesus Christ

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A Ministry for

Men in Prison

Bringing hope to prisoners who are serving a sentence due to the consequences of their addictions

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A Ministry for


A support group to help women meet their emotional, physical and spiritual needs beginning with our faith in Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit

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Hope reaches even in the most corroded places

We believe we are a small part of God's Providential plan in bringing hope where there is no hope through Jesus Christ, the author of our faith.

Like nature, God teaches us that hope is everywhere, regardless of one's life condition; whether it is a homeless person living on the street or suffering from addictions, someone in prison, or one who is developing positively in society, but possesses certain internal struggles. The question is, how do you find hope in these circumstances? Either you have hope, or hope is generated by another person when you feel valued, accepted, and considered as a person who possesses enormous potential, regardless of your current life condition.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 4.3 million people die worldwide every year due to alcohol abuse. In Nicaragua about 1,200 people die annually from irresponsible alcohol consumption, not counting liver disease and mental illnesses resulting from alcohol consumption.

Nicaragua is the second poorest country in Central America, with the most people living in poverty (58.3%) and the largest indigent population (29.5%), only surpassed in both cases by Honduras (69.2 % and 45.6%). Both countries present data for 2012, and there are no data for 2013.

Each of our ministries has its own identity and a different approach based on its particular context. Our work is inductive and inclusive. It is our purpose that everything we are developing through each of the ministries can be established in one place as we look forward. We invite you to learn more about who we are, whom we serve, and what structural plans we have for the future of the Quien Soy Yo Foundation, specifically for those who have no hope. To God be the glory!

With your prayers or a small donation, you can be part of building a dream that will change lives. All donations will go towards the purchase of land for a rural rehabilitation center or a specific project.

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Restoring the Hopeless and the Helpless

We offer new hope through the power of the Holy Spirit and the promises of Christ

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God Has Placed a Dream In Our Hearts

Raise funds to build a rural rehabilitation center


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