• So Jesus said to them for assuredly "I say to you, if you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain,
    'move from here to there,' and it will move ; and nothing will be impossible for you." (Matthew 17:20 NKJ)

    "Prepare your work outside; get everything ready for yourself in the field,
    and after that build your house." (Proverbs 24:27 TRB)
  • Development Projects Would Be Essential for A Person’s Future and Social Development

    It is clear to us; that while we could have some impact on the lives of people living on the streets of Granada. It is hard to keep a person away from their homelessness and their addictions with just a support group. These people have lived on the streets and have succumbed to addictions most of their lives. It is all around them, where they live and sleep. Most need an opportunity to escape for a while and get rehabilitated.

    We are looking for a place where we envision the Quien Soy Yo rural rehabilitation center and praying that God will provide us with the necessary resources to buy a piece of land, approximately nine to ten acres, to build a center based on a triple strategy: building alliances, implementing interdisciplinary methodologies for the rehabilitation of the residents, and self-sustainability through projects such as agricultural activities, a chicken farm, and more. Once we have acquired a piece of property, we would work the field first to start generating revenue.

    Four Areas That We Would Cover to Begin the Recovery Process Would Be:

    • Spiritual: Knowing God through Jesus Christ, discovering a sense of meaning and purpose, clarity of values, convictions, healing, who am I accountable to? etc.

    • Biology: Healthy sleep, Health, prayer, exercise, treatment, prevention, Nutrients, etc.

    • Psychology: History of family, upbringing, the environment, gratitude, healing, offering hope, working through issues, etc.

    • Social: Keeping them safe, improving relationships, opportunities, education, community connections, hope for the future.

    The Longer View

    Although the percentages of change for the people we are trying to reach are not high, we understand that the challenges for those living on the streets and immersed in their addictions are far more than those who do not live on the streets. It takes more than a support group for them to have a better chance at life, a higher percentage of change and true hope in Jesus Christ.

    Once the rehabilitation center is built and we start operating, we believe there are several ways it can grow towards self-sufficiency and sustainability:

    A Hatchery farm and agriculture would be essential to create some revenue for the rehab center. Both can produce products that can be marketed to generate revenue or produce the food and other essentials we need to operate the treatment center. Work skills and discipline.

    Teaching new life skills in trades such as welding, carpentry, crafts, Concrete Sculpture, painting, etc.

    Businesses who need skilled employees with the right training will contribute to a center that offers them dedicated, skilled and faithful workers..

    We will grant scholarships to those who have discover a vocation, and we will accompany them in every step until they are ready to live by faith on their own. They will be a testimonial of their faith in Christ and bring glory to God, as some have already done. Then the community of faith in Nicaragua will express interest in supporting this ministry or those absorbed by it.

    The Government of Nicaragua may choose to support this program if they see it as an effective way to reduce the number of people struggling with addictions and the cost of either prisons or treatment programs.

    We believe that there are a range of experts in Nicaragua, along with the relationships that we have built along the years, people who will offer their expertise voluntarily to make this ministry a success.

    There will be an opportunity to volunteer at Quien Soy Yo Foundation, either by vocation or conviction. At the same time, internships may be carried out for future professionals.

    Please join us in prayer as we pray that God will provide us with the resources needed to overcome all challenges. Let us also pray for wisdom and for experts who can help us build a truly effective treatment program within our Christian ministry.

    Some Development Projects That the Rural Rehabilitation Center Would Have

    Development Projects

    Development Projects

    Development Projects

    Development Projects

    Development Projects
    Automotive Mechanic

    Development Projects
    Concrete Sculptures

    Development Projects
    Concrete Sculptures

    Development Projects

    Development Projects