Women's Ministry

In yet another way, the Holy Spirit has led us to a ministry for women. This is not a ministry for the streets, for although there are women affected by addiction or by challenging social and familial relationships, they don’t end up on the streets, but they may become trapped in abusive and harmful relationships in the male-dominated culture of Latin America.

In the support group for the homeless in street situations, there was a woman who did not belong to that context. She kept coming to the program with a desire to belong and find answers to her dissatisfactions and psychological distress; collaborating and feeling useful, she supported the ministry, but we did not satisfy her spiritual and emotional needs. She needed a support group that would help her and other women in her condition to escape from the inner wounds of life and allow Christ to help them develop social, emotional, and, and most importantly, spiritual strength and regenerated faith. This needed to occur in a different place and time, one where women felt safe and respected. So, in 2018 the Foundation decided to open a Women’s ministry.

The women's ministry is strategically planned by volunteer educators, by women who share the same faith. This group for women is an essential part of the Christian mission of our organization because it reaches out to single mothers, battered women, and professional women that have suffered from their inner struggles and grief for years.

Our activities with women are based on supporting their emotional needs. That is what we do, we remind them that they are God's daughters, loved by our creator. We bring them to a point where that love has to begin with themselves. We seek ways to break the chains. Then we lead them to relearn a new way of living by forgiving themselves and learning to forgive others as they walk in a new regenerated faith in Christ.

Another focus that Quien Soy tries to implement as we grow is on life skills for those who do not have work. We try to discover their talents and find the means according to our capacity and help them by sending them to learn a-trade, vocational skills, or help them become entrepreneurs within their community.

Today we are more committed to working more holistically. Pastoral accompaniment and the work of other disciplines are vital in restoring people in the areas of greatest need. The gospel of Jesus Christ and His redemptive saving work at the cross includes restoring a person wholly.