Our Partners

Our foundation is a ministry that functions by God's grace and is empowered by the prayers and generosity of our partners, and to whom we express our gratitude and appreciation for their commitment. Your faithfulness and trust have had an impact on many lives and make the continued development of this ministry possible as God moves us forward.

Over the years, we have learned that good stewardship creates growth and new opportunities. Above all, we are accountable to God, to our partners and to the Nicaraguan Government.

We are truly thankful that our partners have joined us in adopting our vision of building a Rehabilitation Center in the future. Part of our plans for this center includes creating a local revenue stream that will reduce our need for financial support and ultimately may lead to economic self-sufficiency. If you want to learn more about our stewardship plan, click here to read: "Development Projects."

Individual Partners and Supporters

A number of individuals in Canada and Nicaragua have volunteered their time and significant amounts of spiritual and professional expertise to make our ministry possible and successful:

  • Rev. Daniel Clark, Pastor, Heron Park Baptist Church, Toronto, Canada
  • Dr. Werner Rienas, Pastor, Warden Full Gospel Assembly, Toronto, Canada
  • Pastor Connie Jefford, Associate Pastor, Warden Full Gospel Assembly, Toronto, Canada
  • Pastor Greg Banik, Youth Pastor, Heron Park Baptist Church, Toronto Canada
  • Cathie Phillips, Missionary of Canadian Baptist Ministries, Retired, Toronto, Canada
  • Rev. David Philips, Missionary of Canadian Baptist Ministries, Retired, Toronto, Canada
  • Elder. Wayne Monaghan, Heron Park Baptist Church, Toronto, Canada
  • Carluci Dos Santos, Executive Director, Latin America Mission Canada
  • John R. Steinmann, President, Latin America Mission Canada

Our Volunteers

We are so thankful to all those who have joined us along the way in Nicaragua. Some volunteer as members of the committee; others help us in the streets, or with the support groups. Whether through prayers, helping out to prepare the meals, teachings, or donations, in the front lines or behind the scenes. These actions have made a difference in the lives of those whom we try to bring the gospel of salvation. The apostle Paul writes in the letter to the Corinthians that there are: "varieties of gifts"... "varieties of service"... and "varieties of activities" but that it is God who empowers all of us:

None of this would be possible without the prayer, contribution, and support of our sponsors and volunteers who have contributed in some way to this ministry, past, present, or future. May God bless you and may we continue to grow in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Our Trusted Partners Who Support Us

The following organizations and churches in Canada provide ministry, prayer and financial support to the Quien Soy Yo Foundation